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One of our goals is to ensure that you find confidence in your own skills and abilities to navigate concerns around body image and self-esteem moving forward. To begin this, The Body Image Blueprint helps you create a sturdy foundation, giving you the strength to stand firm in your truth: that you are inherently worthy. With this one-time purchase, discover your worth through the guidance of the Blueprint. Don’t forget to schedule your free, 15-minute introductory call! You will also be given access to all of our blogs and resources.


“We are all born so beautiful. The greatest tragedy is being convinced we are not.” — Rupi Kaur

Your worth and power are inherent. We do not just want you to find peace, but to write your dreams into existence, to connect with the authentic beauty we all hold, inside and out. Writing can be an incredibly powerful tool in processing emotions and discovering ourselves. This one-time purchase allows you to have immediate access to the e-book, as well as a physical copy. You will have the opportunity to schedule your free, 15-minute introductory call and access our blogs and resources.

Empowerment (monthly)

This work is not easy, and it is even harder when you feel alone. Empowerment is about connecting you with others and recognizing you have a home here. You deserve to heal, free of judgment. With our biweekly, 45-minute group check-ins we will provide the space and tools for you to do just that. Alongside these meetings will be access to the Body Image Blueprint download and hard copy, weekly articles, weekly affirmations, and follow-up emails.

Clarity (monthly)

We want you to recognize the resilience you hold and to see past the veil of highlight reels and editing. We want you to pursue your dreams because your happiness is worth fighting for. Clarity incorporates one-on-one coaching calls for 30 minutes once a week, in hopes of ensuring long-term success with continued support. You will receive the hard copy of the Blueprint as well as the download, access to blogs and resources, follow-up emails, weekly affirmations, and a monthly surprise.


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