tale of two

Facing Gaslighting from a White Man … Again

The other day, I had a white man become defensive and argumentative after I posted an Instagram reel discussing what equality means. This man felt the need to, essentially, tell me that I am being overdramatic. He felt that there is in fact equality in this country, and the only barriers that I, or any […]

tale of two

Why Politicians Fear Books More Than Guns

I have been an educator, in some capacity, for most of my life. The children I have worked with range from the ages of 18 months to 15-years-old. And while this is quite an age gap, the conversations we have don’t vary by much. Of course, I adjust the language and message accordingly in consideration […]


we must also be held accountable

I love social justice and advocacy. I love educating myself and creating content that inspires conversation and, hopefully, educates others. I participate in this work in my business and in my day job. And despite all of this, even I am slipping. This doesn’t mean that I am being hard on myself or not accounting […]


it’s still 1968

Yesterday was Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. It is a day we dedicate to celebrate and honor all the ways in which Dr. King not only advocated for the Black community but challenged and began dismantling oppressive systems. And while so many are so quick to support Dr. King’s work and stand in solidarity; these […]

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get angry – but be smart about it

The other day I had a conversation with someone who had opposing viewpoints in regard to topics of social justice. Throughout the entire conversation, we both listened and remained respectful. And when I told someone else about this interaction, they laughed and said, “this is why you need to have these conversations and not me. […]


build back better

Over the past few weeks, and more so the past few days, there has been a lot of discussion concerning Biden’s Build Back Better plan and whether or not it will move forward. Although not too long ago, it seemed to be, Joe Manchin, a West Virginian senator, seems to have halted the plan in […]

Inclusivity for all is a core goal at Rayze. Rainbow wig, flags, black love all of it deserves celebration.

getting involved doesn’t need to be overwhelming

There is always so much happening around us. Whether it be climate change, BLM, educational reform, or any other pressing issue, there is always much to be done and all of it always seems to need immediate attention. Sure, maybe in an ideal situation, we would be able to effectively give our time, energy, and […]