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creating realistic new year’s resolutions

It was January of 2019 that I finally followed through on my New Year’s Resolution: weight loss. I decided I would wholeheartedly commit, no excuses. And I did. But this isn’t a story of triumph, where an individual loses weight and gets their life together. At first, I thought so, but the reality is that, […]

Body Image Blueprint by Sydney Scott

disconnecting self-image and body-image

Something I see often with people I talk to is that self-image is intertwined with body-image. If the scale is up, self-worth goes down. If the scale is down, we feel undefeatable. Part of the reason I wrote the Blueprint is to encourage people to begin to separate their self-image from their body-image and begin […]


how to find coping skills that actually work

My twelve-year-old self sunk into her chair and pretended to smile as her and her therapist discussed the different positive affirmations she could try. I remember those moments vividly. I’d come up with some brilliant line of bullshit and ensure my therapist that it truly made me feel hopeful. And then I’d return over the […]