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The Body Image Blueprint

A Course Aimed to Better Your Body, Mind, and Soul

Rejecting diet culture and releasing the shame it inspires can feel like an impossible feat, especially when you do not know where to begin. The Body Image Blueprint aims to not only define the first steps but make them feel manageable. Through a series of readings, journal prompts, and lifelong practices, The Blueprint provides the means for you to work through poor body image and reach a place of body neutrality. Sydney intended for this to increase awareness around the ways society benefits from diet culture and the pursuit of thinness, while simultaneously reminding you that you are destined to be more than an image. By coming to a place of neutrality, you can once again learn to respect your body and its needs while being able to enjoy all of the wonderful moments life has to offer.

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Body Image Blueprint by Sydney Scott


A safe space to be heard and guidance to make a difference

Unlearning a lifetime of harmful messages surrounding your body, movement, and eating is no simple task. In most cases, it can feel entirely overwhelming and scary. And while our Blueprint holds space for and offers support as you feel these emotions and begin dissecting what it all means, sometimes having someone in your corner can offer the support you need to carry these skills far beyond the prompts in the workbook. In addition to the resource itself, Sydney will be offering coaching opportunities, where you will not only find guidance, but an opportunity to be heard, supported, and gain the skills needed to ensure the respect and kindness you hold for yourself and your body is lifelong.

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